Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lot's of things

*This entry is going to be a bit "randomish." So much has been going on. Kynnedy has been sick for soooo long and I thought she would never get better, but I have to thank you all for your prayers because she is WELL!!! We had every test there is run on her and x-rays and nothing made sense at all. She was sick but wasn't finding any result to prove so. That's all behind us and once again God showed up, performed with His healing hands and we Thanked HIM!!
*I went to the Matilda Jane party and had a blast! Lot's of cute things to see and buy and You put me and Jan (Adam's mom) in a room full of clothes and it is just pure MADDDDNNNEEESSS!!! We both go NUTS! Seriously! So the girls and Eli have some adorable new outfits to look forward too! THANKS JAN!
*Now that I have my family all well and germ free we have some fun to take care of! GRANDMA is in town and she's a blast! She's been here since thursday and I have been so scared to get the kids around her b/c I didn't know who had what and we certainly didn't want to get her sick! BUT GRANDMA BRACE YOURSELF BECAUSE THE CIRCUS IS COMING TO YOU! We are so happy to have you here with us this week!
*the newest with Payton is..... SHE HAD HER FIRST TOOTH BREAK THROUGH! OMGOSH---she's growing to FAST!!!
*Oh, My garage door is hanging too. I can't shut it. It's stuck open. I went to shut it after I got home from picking Emry up from school and we heard a POP and the saw something fly (it was the wheel to make it go up and down) and here we are... with a garage WIDE OPEN and Hanging on one side! Oh the luck of the Pendergrass's!
I think that's all for now.....not for today but for now!

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