Friday, September 5, 2008

The start of something new

As you all probably know, there is NEVER a dull moment in our home (or wherever we are)! This week we have had a lot of new things going on. I have to side-track you for a moment and tell you that I am sorry for the delay in posting but, because the tree that fell on our home and moved us elsewhere, I have had to get everything switched to where we live currently. AND JUST WHEN YOU THINK YOU ARE GETTING A LITTLE NORMALCY BACK----bam----something else happens. I got my dish network disconnected (they weren't very easy to work with) and switched to direc tv. Well, just as soon as that got connected this week, it crossed signals with my dsl and I had to wait 3 more days for that "Mr. Fix-it" to come save me! So he came bright and early this morning and I am up and running!
Now to update you on my week!
Emry started ballet this week and is just loving it. She has waited for this moment in her life for a whole year! And of course I had to capture it on camera!! She looked adorable. Kynnedy made a HUGE improvement this week in GYMNASTICS!! We have mastered the "cartwheel"! The day before gymnastics she said "mom, watch" so eager to see and a bit scared she was going to hurt herself I watched in amazment! SHE DID IT! She was so proud and I was jumping up and down. I was so excited I was done having to do them with her in the living room. Not because I don't enjoy doing them with her, but because I see my life flash before my eyes every time I did one!!!!!! I am getting way to old for that :) *laughing*
Photobucket Photobucket
I can't let this update go by without sharing with you what Emry invented this week. A WHOLE NEW IDEA of washing your body!!! She came up with it all on her very own. As I walked in the bathroom to monitor the noise and commotion that was coming from there, I was suprised at how creative she was! She got her toothepaste and so carefully squirted the whole tube on the side of the bathtub Photobucket and then dipped her toothbrush in the blob and there you have it people----a very new way to get to every nook and crannie squeaky clean! ESPECIALLY THE BELLY-BUTTON!! :)

and who needs a playhouse when you have cabinets!???

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