Friday, October 3, 2008

bird flu

You all know that we've been suffering from some sort of virus that rotated around our house forever, well I think we are all on our way to well. I said I think. I have been cleaning like crazy and de-germinizing (sp) but that's not enough!! A silly bird flew in our house yesterday and scared us half to death. I honestly thought a hawk was in here!!! We were all sitting in the recliner and heard this LOUD LOUD noise. I started freaking out, which made all the kiddos FREAK out. The poor bird was flying like crazy all around (I bet he was scared of us). Anyway---we got the bird trapped in Kynnedy's and Emry's room and called papaw for help! He came a few hours later after he got off work and saved our lives! We were so excited to see what this bird really looked like and to much suprise, it was a TINY little sparrow! Now i have to worry about bird flu (LOL) and bird lice and bird poop! DOES THE CRAZYNESS EVER END?????????

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