Monday, October 27, 2008

Cande 4 dlrs

I have a little entrepreneur on my hands! Kynnedy made a sign that read 'cande 4 dlrs & wdr' and she was bound and determined to sit out at the garage and hold her sign and sit with her bucket of candy and sell it!(btw the way she was trying to write candy 4 dollars and water) You must know the road outside our garage never sees traffic!! the one and only customer that came along offered to buy a piece and she gave it to him---how sweet! Now if we were all more Christ like and that giving what a much better place this world would be. I learned so much at that moment from a child. God places His children in our care for many reasons, ultimately to to fulfill His plan, but if we as parents slow down even for a moment and just watch and listen to our children, we can hear something the Lord may have been trying to reveal to you for a while. It was really simple what I heard God tell me today, but it caused me to review the way I have been in my attitude and make adjustments accordingly!

This is Payton's potato head pumpkin

This is ELI

This is Miss Emry

And Little Miss Kynnedy

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