Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Weekend review

This weekend was much like any other time my mom comes to town. No matter the length of time she stays, it never seems like enough!!! It was fast and furious all weekend long and I am sad to say she left this morning. Kynnedy is so attached to her and it's especially hard on her to see Grammy go, but she promised to come back REALLY soon!! When I picked Kyn up from school today she was so excited because she didn't cry---yet. But as fast as that sentence came out of her mouth, she let it all out and just had a meltdown! I found my heart broken and was lost for the words to say to make it all better, because just a few hours earlier I was exactly how Kynnedy was then. JUST SAD! Crying and wishing we lived closer! My mom is amazing and one of the most Godly people I know. I can count on WISE Christian advice with her no matter what. I feel so blessed to have what some people go a lifetime without having. Below is Kynnedy making her a picture today after school.

and here's our sweet animated girl!

I am also very pleased to announce that both girls are doing EXCELLENT in school. Kynnedy is already writing and sounding out words to write down on paper. At her parent/teacher conference a paper she made was given to me. On it was the words rnbow (rainbow) and I L U (for I love you) and flwr (for flower) that's above her age appropriate level! GO GIRL! and Emry is writing her name. she writes the e first then the m, but just mixes it up when she actually puts it on paper. She writes the E and then on the wrong side of it puts the M then after the e she puts ry so it comes out looking like mery. still far beyond where she "needs" to be. YAY for a awesome end to what started out a sad day after mom left.

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