Monday, November 24, 2008

BEDTIME (or dreadtime) Just kidding

Bedtime can be pretty stressful sometimes but in our home, we've always tried to stick to a routine. Notice* I didn't say a time schedule but a routine. Now with that being said, we always typically wake up at the same time and go to bed at 8. A lot of times we are in bed earlier and asleep by 8. (when I say we are asleep by 8, I mean the kids) We always read before bed and everyone prays. By the way, if prayer is ever needed, you just announce it to my little PRAYER WARRIOR KYNNEDY. God has blessed her with an amazing ability to pray and it's not a typical 6 year old prayer. I mean she really prays a beautiful prayer. Anyway Adam and I decided to let Emry start going to bed with Kynnedy. They get to lay down read with the night light (after we've read all together) and talk until they fall asleep. Tonight is trial night number 1 and it's 10:15pm and they are still awake! I think I am not ready to try it this way yet! Here are a few shots leading up to bedtime! :) For some reason Emry isn't in any of these pictures ---who knows what she's doing! Hopefully nothing with scissors!


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Sarah said...

Lily says "Why Eli don't ever have his shirt on?"