Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Tree Farm

We had a lot of fun this Thanksgiving weekend!!! We had wonderful food, family fun and some really good laughs! We ate dinner at Adams parents and then had Gran Jan come back and spend the night with us so Adam and I could do our USUAL BLACK FRIDAY CRAZY PEOPLE STUFF! Well until last night, the last time I had slept was wednesday night! Adam got up at 2 and went to wal-mart and I went off to kmart and toys r us. (we met at TRU) As soon as we got in TRU we got a shopping cart and parked it in the check out line and took turns going and getting stuff to fill our cart. This was all going down around the 6 am hour. Adams mom had to go to work, so i left adam in the line and came home to be with the kids---FinAlly at 9:30 he came in the door. So the line was 3 hours long upon arrival! CRAZY but SO FUN! People arguing and fighting about other people cutting and just all the drama! I LOVE IT partly because I love drama and partly because it's SO FUNNY to watch other people go NUTS! anway once adam came home we all hopped in the car again and went to walmart and then to the christmas tree farm! We walked and walked up and down every isle of christmas tree and couldn't find one that was screaming "take me home and decorate me" so we will attempt to go to a few more places but may have to have the PERFECT FAKE TREE!

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