Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Picture with SANTA

We went and had our picture made with Santa tonight out of no where! We had been running around taking care of business when kynnedy shouted "LETS GO SEE SANTA" So off we went! This is the first time Emry has ever been in any kind of "holiday" picture. She has been so scared of Santa and the Easter Bunny for as long as I can remember! Kynnedy is usually the only one in any pic. Eli would NOT let go of Adam in fear of his life, so I said "why don't we all be in the picture!" Turns out that was a brilliant idea! Who would have thought? So here is the picture of the picture using Kynnedy's camera. My christmas/birthday present from the kids and Adam this year will be a new camera (I HAVE A GOOD FEELING---*thanks kynnedy for the hint*)

AND more news making the HEADLINES IN OUR WORLD-- I AM TOTALLY LEGAL TO DRIVE IN ARKANSAS NOW! I haven't ever had my drivers licence changed to arkansas in the 4 years that we have been here and today it's offical! I am finally a resident (legally) in arkansas! Ahhhh closure! It feels like home. I just love the NATURAL STATE!

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Sarah said...

What a CUTE family!! Where is that Santa?