Thursday, November 20, 2008

whatchya gonna do?

VBPD has hired two new officers!!!!
Thanks to our friend and officer of the law, Chris -a.k.a. TITO (or as my kids say--cheeto) Eli and Payton have found their calling!!!! We see Tito guarding our school zone almost every morning and I can't resist making silly faces at him as he makes the area safe, and his lovely lady Cara (also my friend)as she walks precious Harrison to class! We love you two!!!

BAD BOYS BAD BOYS, whatchya gonna do, whatchya gonna do when Eli comes for you?????

BEWARE, This is one super tough POLICE WOMAN! Don't mess with me or I will SCREAM!

DAD, I am taking you in! Put your hands behind your back and get on the ground! You have TWO rights, it is TO REMAIN silent and COOPERATE!

Didn't Kynnedy do a fabulous job on a christmas card for her teacher? We had to give Mrs. Marion her present this week because she won't be back from break until January. She is going in for knee surgery--ouch! We will be praying for you Mrs. Marion. Hope you have a splendid recovery!

kyn snapping pics of me and below is a picture of some super funk "hulk" boxing gloves! We love these things and are going to invest in more than one pair!!!!

What an amazingly talented little boy! He did finish this entire link of turkey sauage!!! He went to the refrigerator and got it all on his own! Ate it on is own with NO HELP!

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Wittschen's said...

Hey girl! I didn't know you had a blog!! I'm glad that you found me! Your kids are so cute!! Don't know how yo have time to seems like they keep you so busy!! How do you spell your last name? I added your blog to my list, but was guessing on your name!