Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Entertaining Ourselves

Peace in Paw paw's house? Yeah, RIGHT!!!!!!! And Only 6 Grandkids made it in this picture!

Gross, we know, but it sure was funny making this picture happen while driving down the road! :) The things we do for entertainment! Guess there are far worse things! LOL

Maw Maw all dressed up like Fancy Nancy!!!!!! How CUTE! The things she lets her Great grandkids do to her!
Emry got a HUGE HUGE box of dress up clothes from Paw Paw & Rosa for christmas! That was her dream come true. The only problem is she has SOOOOOOO many choices, she doesn't know what to wear first. I think she changed like 40 times in 10 minutes! She also got a pair of FANCY NANCY red high heels From grammy and pops that I am never ever going to get off her feet!!!

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