Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Seen better times...

Last night we had to go to lowes to finish picking out light fixtures and doors for the house (it won't be finished until mid jan.)and we had been stalling to get a tree b/c we didn't know if we'd be moving before Christmas. Well since we wouldn't be moving before then we decided to get a tree. It was so beautiful and full and one that I loved!!! then we got it home......and it saw the worst time of it's short life. Adam went all chainsaw massacre on it and it's so UGLY! I will NOT post a picture until we decorate it (though that probably won't help)! The branches at the bottom are even with my knees! Emry was thanking God and praising Him, with her arms lifted toward the sky that we even got a tree! I am trying so hard to be like her and appreciate this tree...there could be far worse things, right? and now as I look up from this post to check on Eli, I realize he has learned so much from his dad in such a short time. He has the pliers* (sp) in hand, (thank goodness he didn't get the saw) sitting by the tree, trying to cut more branches off. He can't do much more harm to it!!!

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