Thursday, January 15, 2009

SO much fun!

Today has been a nice day. We got so much accomplished and at the same time felt very relaxed. The two older girls got off to school this morning and it was a smooth morning to top it off. Emry, as of this week, has been SO MUCH more compliant about her clothes she has to wear and isn't giving much of a fight anymore in the mornings! (Thank you Lord) She got to walk with her class this morning, in the snow, and go to the library! HOW FUN!! I have decided to switch her routine up a little and am only sending her to school three days a week instead of the four. I decided to give her mondays off (everyone needs monday off, right?) So she only goes tue-thurs. I felt like I needed more time with her and she needed me more too (at least I like to think she does). Adam picked Kyn up early from school and since he's the Head Wrestling Coach, he wants her to go with him to the meets with the team. He called tonight and said she's having a BLAST! He took the camera with him in hopes to snap some pics for ME to set up a VB POINTERS WRESTLING BLOG. So the other three and I had a productive day in the home. We baked cookies and cleaned and danced and played dress-up. I got a new PAMPERED CHEF Pizza Stone for christmas and I LOVE IT. We haven't stopped baking on it yet. (hey, whatever it takes to get me going in the kitchen!!) Then Emry and Eli got to go to Gran Jan and Papaw's for a little while this evening while I put Payton to sleep and had some SERIOUS and MUCH NEEDED down time! So hopefully I will have pics to post tomorrow for the blog but this is it for now...goodnight!

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