Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What is toothpaste really for?

For some reason, our children just think it's a huge hassle to brush teeth. They brush every morning and every night and I have tried everything under the sun to make it really fun and not the dreaded chore that it is. I have always tried to make it fun--since Kyn was a baby! Her routine was to sit in the sink in front of the mirror with a dry erase marker to draw on the mirror while I fixed her hair SO PERFECTLY EVERY SINGLE DAY! At just a few weeks old, she would get hairspray and baby lotion mixed together to make a "gel" and I would scrunch her baby hair and make it sooooooo curly and then of course add a HUGE bow! as she grew and was sitting on her own in the sink when this process happened, we added tooth brushing time to it and we'd sing and when the song was over she'd spit and go. She still for the most part loves to brush her teeth and rinse with mouthwash and I have NO PROBLEM at all with her and the hair ritual. She still loves to have her hair Chi ironed and fixed and blow dried and all that! However, Emry is not jumping on that train at all! She doesn't like her hair done, she doesn't like what anyone except herself picks out to wear, she just doesn't want any part of the "Activities of Daily Living" so tonight as always, they were told to go brush teeth and I was busy with Payton and Eli and on the phone with my sister-in-law and noticed kyn come bopping out of the bathroom. Then something in my head clicked and said "oh no, Emry's not out yet and it's REAL quiet in there!" To my not so surprise----there she was with the toothpaste covered all over her tiny little body like lotion!! So like every month in our home, Emry came up with a new invention---toothpaste as a body scrub! She was in fact a little more soft that normal after her 2nd bath for the night. Had to have been the toothpaste, right?

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