Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Interesting Day to say the least!

I know I have a crazy life, but I love it!!! I really do! I like to sit down when the day is done and think back on everything that happened during that day. Today was ONE of THOSE days. It started all wrong. Emry goes to speech class at a different elementary school than Kynnedy does, so my morning routine on wednesdays is to get kyn to school, drive across town and get Em to school. On wednesdays I have to get her out and take her in (unlike tues. and thurs) which means I also have to get Payton and Eli out. I normally let Eli walk in and carry Payton so I don't have to mess with my cadillac of a double stroller, but.....yes, there is a but. Naturally, the night before we went to target to go get shoes for the girls, and just the two older girls and I went in. Adam drove around with the other two while waiting on us. I guess when we got back in the car, we knocked one of Eli's shoes out. He is a typical boy in this house. One pair of Nike's and One pair of dress shoes. So the one shoe thing posed quite a problem! We didn't know about it until about an hour later when we went to go in a restaurant to eat and he only had the one shoe. We ate, we went to the basketball game, and called Target to see if a nice citizen brought it in from the parking lot. YAY--they did. Now that leads me back to this morning. So since he only had one shoe, I got out the cadi and got the two little ones loaded. OF COURSE the Cadi broke down on me a little and had a mal-functioning wheel. I managed to get the thing in the school and while other moms were signing their kids in, I thought I would take a look. I bent down and BARELY picked up the wheel and Eli decided to play PEE-PIE and leaned in the direction the stroller was leaning and the thing FLEW ON IT'S SIDE with MY BABIES BUCKLED IN. So like any mom, I was thinking quick (most know that is not like me at 8 in the morning) and imagined a baseball field. I stuck my leg under the stroller as fast and furious as a player running to home base with a little slide action going and hoped it would be enough to keep their heads from hitting the ground! It was, but it certainly wasn't enough to stop all the commotion! Teachers opening their doors to see the MASS CHAOS that was unfolding was so humiliating!! So.....Getting everyone calmed down and ready to head out the door at this point...I thought I had it smoothe sailing from here. WRONG! The kids had a FIRE DRILL!!!!! MORE CHAOS FOR ME! Really, who does a FIRE DRILL at 8:15??????? We got home and decided to get back in the bed and hop right back out again to start this day over! I called mom and told her I knew it was going to be an interesting day with the way it had already begun! I was worn out at 9 in the morning! So we go get Emry at 11:00 and I tell the kids "we are going in to eat lunch and hop back in the car to go to target and pick up Eli's shoe." We start to get lunch warmed in the microwave and I am holding Payton, when I hear a knock on the door while I am getting the plate out with one hand. The knock startled me a little and the plate flew---just what I needed another mess to clean. We eat and start to head out again and wait....another knock at the door. My contractor....the insurance, the bank and he and I have a few issues to work out he tells me! GREAT! More good news(ha!) Just what I wanted to do.. call my favorite state farm peeps! (we are having issues in our relationship) So I spent the better part of my day on the phone with my main man at state farm. While on the phone, the kids needed more food because a lot of time has gone by at this point. So I breakout the APPLESAUCE! Everyone loves it, right? Yep over here they do. I fed payton and eli was in the kitchen feeding hisself. He turns the spoon upside down for some reason and of course it drips on his shirt and the floor, but no big deal. I didn't think anything of it. Until 1 to 2 hours later I thought "hhmmmm, I still smell applesauce. Surely he didn't spill that much on him that I smell it like this. maybe there's some on the floor I forgot to mop up." I go check and we have the all clear. So, now it's about time to go get Kyn from school and I am doing diaper duty before running out the door. There it is, that smell again. IT'S ELI!! He pooped APPLESAUCE! For real! IT was old and everywhere and smelled nothing like poop (but it looked like it) and was in his pants and out of his diaper and in all the wrong places. HE got a quick dunk in the tub and redressed and off we go, only to discover that when we get home, Payton had done the same thing in the line to pick up Kyn! I decided to forego driving to get eli's shoes, because with the way the day was heading, I probably would have gotten pulled over and so on and so forth had I gotten behind the wheel. Basically, a lot of things I hadn't planned on doing, were done today and my day in general amounted to a bunch of POOP! (literally, the diapers didn't stop at those two) I think a lesson was learned today--we are holding off on the applesauce for a while! Better luck tomorrow!

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Wittschen's said...

wow! I'm exhausted just reading the blog!! lol Hope today is better!!