Wednesday, February 11, 2009

lot's of catching up!

Well I have tons of catching up to do!!!! We are settled back in our house and finally in a routine again. I have been so pooped out and not in the mood to do much of anythng but I am ready to go now!!!! Most of you all know that Adam is the Head Wrestling Coach here at VB and I wanted to get a pic posted of the team! They have done remarkably well being the first year and can't wait for next season. This season is coming to a close with the state meet this weekend in Little Rock and on friday and Sat (valentines day). So the kids and I may drive to LR this weekend and surprise Adam there (shhhh don't tell)!!! he will have to leave Friday morning and we wouldn't be able to see him late saturday night if we don't go. I think we need a road trip! I might have to call some of you (john and sarah) to find my way around the big city!!! I am an EXPERT at being able to get to Arkansas Children's Hospital though! Speaking of that We have Emry's Check up there next month! We are on yearly check-ups now and we'd like and appreciate it if you all kept her and us in your prayers. We know she'll have to have one more open heart surgery, but are unsure of when. Last year when we went she had already out grown her "repair patches" but it wasn't a problem. So prayerfully---we want to be good for another year!

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