Thursday, March 12, 2009

beary buggin'

Emry has returned back to her mulitiple personalities this week. Before her name was Mona, then leena, then mona leena, then aleena and now she's Taylor. It drives kynnedy near nuts when she wants to be called anything other than emry. But-yesterday Emry got to spend the day with Gran Jan and they went shopping at the jewelry store. That's the best place for my kids-right up their alley! Emry picked out a few things for herself and a few things for kynnedy. When we picked kyn up from school, em was eager to give her the jewelry. Kyn said "OH! Emry, thank you so much. I think I will wear it tomorrow!!" Emry said, "oh, I'm Taylor and you welcome." Kyn "okay, I guess I'll call you taylor!" Funny how she didn't seem to mind calling her Taylor since she just got a gift from her :) They got the same things, just different colors. They pretty much pick out the same style things everytime we go in there, so when she showed me what she got, I wasn't suprised, until she took out the MEDALLION that is! She pulled out this HUGE gold bear on a really big gold chain and a tiny detail only emry would have noticed. A diamond in the bears ear. One for her and one for kyn. The girls wore ALL of their jewelry to school today and I have to tell you it was adorable! They for sure have their own style going on and they love it! I got a picture of Emry and the only thing that would have made it better is if we would have given her a gold "grill" and if she'd would have been "chunkin' the deuce!(and a few pictures from school projects for em, they've been learning about bugs)


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