Thursday, March 19, 2009

before we were sick

My computer got sick again and then passed it on to my kids. Good News: We are up and runnin' again. The computer and the kids! Before we got sick, we had tons over fun over a few days. I haven't been able to post pictures and now I am playing catch up!

Kynnedy had a special day last week, getting to go to Gran Jans house and do some scrapbooking! She (kyn) loves to scrapbook. My dad bought her a scrapbook for pulling her tooth and she used that one up super fast! Gran Jan bought her another one last week and she's starting to fill that one! Emry got a present from them when we went to pick Kyn up from her scrapbooking date and here it is!! NAILS! She loved those GOLD PRINCESS NAILS!

Here's a page in her scrapbook she did all by herself! Pretty good! This pic was a few years ago when she was the "homecoming princess." Sorry Maria, She still things you "stole her crown"!!! (she was to give the homecoming queen the crown off the pillow, and when the superintendent took it off the pillow gave it to maria and crowned her, kyn looked at me and said "I though I was supposed to get the crown!!!"

No, just for the record, I do not let my kids play in the dryer. This is the ONE AND ONLY time this has happened!

A sick and tired little man!

and we still aren't feeling 100% because the girls are at each others throat!
They are in the living room watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Kyn hates that show) and I heard this: Emry- "MOM!!!!!" me- "what emry?" emry crying- "Kynnedy just called it Mickey Mouse Baby House!!!" Me- "laughing hysterically!"
That little episode reminded me of when my brother used to say stuff like that to just to get a "rise" out of me!

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