Thursday, March 5, 2009


We had so much fun!!!!! Emry's Check up couldn't have been better! We are good for another year! He said she sounds wonderful at this point and another surgery is coming, but not for a LONG while! So the visit was fast and furious, but we didn't stop there. We headed over to the museum of discovery, where we had SOOOOOOOOO much fun! We played and played and there was so much to do and so many experiments to be in on and more to come. They have different shows several times a month and so exucational!! Makes me wish I lived a little closer to Little Rock (well, sometimes)
We went to the Capitol Building (because we always do when we are there) and shopped a little. To those who read about the eli's shoe story last week, you haven't heard the ending. We got his shoes and then went to the basketball game last thurs. night. What we forgot, is that he took them off there. Finally on sunday we rememberd where they were and Adam said he would go check at the gym. Well things got crazy that day and we ended up going on Tues. We talked to some peeople who said oh yeah, they are right here... and he lead us to where they WERE. Yep... they were gone. The silly shoes were there just hours before and now they are gone! So---before we went to L.R. I had to go shoe shopping for Eli and of course not ONE store had a shoe in his size! NOT ONE! He went to L.R shoeless (because the other pair I brought were WAYYYY to SMALL) So, now having a heart check over, a day of soooo much fun at the museum and a new pair of shoes to top it off, we are home and thankful! It really couldn't have been better!

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