Wednesday, April 15, 2009

dancing with our star/Playhouse

Well we obviously had lots of choc. pudding today and waaasss GOOOOOOOD! can you tell? Payton took her pudding to her new playhouse. It's just her size!

Awwwwwe, So sweet, right? Eli lovin' on two of his sisters. It makes my heart melt.

It obviously made Payton's melt too, but I'm thinking in a not so good way!

Our little Emry. Sometimes she is a fashion disaster, but she ALWAYS has good moves!!! She's even better than Ty Murray--off dancing with the stars- *on the tv* Look at our little star (wearing Payton's outfit---size 2)

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Sarah said...

Your house looks like so much fun!!! I am from a family of 5 children and it reminds me of my childhood! Your kids are too cute!