Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dear Kynnedy

This is mainly for me and Kynnedy, so feel free to skip the post!:)

Dear Kynnedy,
First of all, let me say you are one special girl. God has such a calling on your life and I pray each day that He reveals it to you. You are so wise at such a young age and have such eagerness and excitment to learn about our Lord and Savior and I am so proud of the little lady you are and will become.
I know the last few weeks have been a little difficult for you with the friend business at school and that's sometimes just the way it is. Sometimes we can all be a little silly. I just want you to know from the time you were so tiny, to your first day of Pre-school, again on your first day of kindergarten, and even now how we have told you that you will always have a friend. His name is Jesus. No matter what, He wants to be your friend!! He wants to be there for you and He always will.
Your Daddy and I believe that He is trying to teach you something right now. He wants you to lean on Him. So when your days are a little difficult at school and you feel all alone, stop whatever you are doing and pray. Just tell Him, Jesus, I can't do this anymore. I need YOU! And Kynnedy, He will be there!
My first reaction as your mother was to want to run up to school and fix it all for you, but I wouldn't be teaching you to trust in the Lord if I did that. So keep your eyes to Jesus, and be the little sweet lady you are and you will be just fine. We pray everyday on the way to school and we will continue to do that, but when I pick you up, we will pray and thank God for the day He gave us and thank Him for being with you all day at school! We will also thank Him for your Dad, who told me to just be still. he said "God is working in our little girl's heart, so let Him!"

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