Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Girl loves her Shoes

We have a girl who loves her shoes!! Can you tell?? I have learned with four children, to choose my battles wisely. Emry's shoe wearing decision is a battle I dare not have with her. I figure it should be the least of my worries and if the ugly shoe wearing is the only issue we have, then I say we are doing good. I know--I have come a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNG way in my motherhood journey. From having my children individually matching from head to toe, then having them match one another, then to coordinating colors and now to this madddddnessss of looking like a mis-matched disaster. Emry wears these shoes with everything--and I mean everything. Kyn still lets me do whatever I want with her and every morning says "you pick out my clothes" (the words every mom loves to hear)! Eli, poor little Eli is still in gender crisis, but coming closer to his rough boy hood. He has to be put in a superman shirt everyday, spiderman shorts and he carries a dinosaur shirt (unless it's under his superman one) and carries helacopter pj pants. So basically he has all his favorites covered. the shoes are still an issue for him too-he sometimes wears HIS nikes, others it's kyns flip flops (pink) or Emry's other shoes she cares nothing about. Sadly though, they fit him. He and Em are in the same size shoe.

And here he is (in his full garment that I mentioned above) traveling around the world in 30 seconds.

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Sarah said...

Can't blame a girl - you gotta make your favorite shoes last!! :)

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