Sunday, April 19, 2009

our weekend recap

We had lot's of fun yesterday! The day started out fast and furious, though. We had to clean the house spotless for it to be shown and while the house was being shown, we went and saw another one ourselves. It's a friend of ours, and of course we fell in love with it!! We just need to pray for a sell, so we can move on too! We drove around town looking for a while after that, and then came home and played our hearts out. I cooked a big 'ole pot of vegetable soup and 2 buttermilk pies (YUUUUUUMMMMOOOO). Then Papaw and Uncle Eddy came over and brought the kids some surprises and joined in on all the playing.

After they were all played out, we loaded up all the bikes and riding toys and went down to the football field (our second home) and let them ride on the turf and around the track. We threw the footballs and kicked around the soccer balls and the kids thought they were "big time" being on the Friday Night field! And of course, we couldn't end the day without a little drama---Emry got her head stuck in the soccer net and was screaming "I'm a spider". Eli took her literally and thought there was a spider, so he had a panic attack. Kynnedy, being so petite, was riding her bike around the track and the wind threw her into the bleachers -she cut her finger a little, but if you were a spectator, you'd of though she cut her arm off. Oh the upside of having a dramatic princess (or three in our case)

And we can't forget about our dramatic Prince--This may look like "just a mess" in my floor but it's not. It's Eli's pjs. He so badly needed his pj's that have helicopters, airplanes, & dinosaurs on them, but they were washing. So we put all his other favorites in an organized fashion to let him choose the ones he wanted, however, NOTHING was good enough. So, he went to bed in only his diaper, and in the middle of the night woke up and asked so politely for his Elmo pj's! If that's not boy drama, I don't know what is!!


Casey said...

We are so glad that you liked the house and we would be so happy for your family to be the ones to get it. Let's just pray that God is working it all out.

Lauren said...

I haven't ever read that about the pj's incident, that is hilarious. His face sitting there on the floor is priceless.