Saturday, April 4, 2009

Remember when I told you last night that the kids spent the night at grandparents house? Sure you do. And of course, they are the best grandparents in the world! They spoil the kids rotten and give them EVERYTHING they could imagine and pretty much anything goes while they are over there. Who needs cereal for breakfast when your Gran Jan will buy you the BAKERY! They got home this morning with EVERY SINGLE cupcake the bakery had to offer and ICE CREAM and what ever they wanted to drink! EVERY GRANDCHILDS DREAM!!!!!!!!!!! so this is what was left at around 9 this morning!

Then, adam left his parental duties for a good length of time while sitting on the couch totally unaware of his surroundings and completely absorbed in the sports section of the newspaper. I was on the computer finishing up my last entry on the blog when I heard "um....Rachal.... you need to get the camera, FAST!!!"
THIS is what was left of the cupcakes at 9:35! I love it-a new suprise every single day!

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Sarah said...

She sure enjoyed herself some cupcakes! That's too funny.