Thursday, April 9, 2009


For those who live here, I am sure you realized this, but one year ago today was the enormous hail storm we had and today was a flash back. Thank God the hail wasn't nearly as damaging, but the sirens were going crazy and SO WAS I! We all know I freak a few days before the storm actually arrives, but even more so when it's actually here. Our friends south of us had a huge tornado rip through (actually I think 2) and some of our personal friends were driving through it! Casualties and injuries have been reported, so keep them in your prayers. I tend to really respect and fear mother nature (especially since we had a tree fall on our home in crazy weather). Tonight the kids and I hid in the laundry room and I had the weather radio going and adam was telling me what the tv was saying and his personal opinion from standing outside (goofball). The kids were using their techniques they learned and practice at school---to duck your head down and cover it with your hands--and kyn was telling "mom, don't panic!! Just stay calm." Yeah right! I was trying to keep it together for the kids sake, but in my head was not the same! I was praying that storm away loud and clear. I wanted to be very specific with the Lord, so there would be no confusion between He and I. After it passed we got some amazing pictures. We looked back on the camera Adam and I both said "wow, it looks like the sky is on fire" It was beautiful! Tonight as I post this, I am listening to the news and come to find out, there really was a fire. Because Of all the dry air behind the storm, numerous wild-fires broke out in Oklahoma and when the sun was setting it really showed off the smoke and made an amazing shot!

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Jen said...

I was driving home during the worst of the rain last night. When I was going over the Rogers Ave overpass, I thought I was going to get blown off the road! But I was talking to Darren at the time, and he said Ch 5 was showing that the sunset was shining through in the strange! I could see that orange glow through all the lightning and rain...truly bizarre!

So glad we all weathered the storm safely! I hate storms, too!!!