Friday, May 15, 2009

A little trouble, though!

I did get in a little bit of trouble though. You see this pile of clothes on the chair? Well it looks like any old laudry pile that needs to folded and put away, but think again!! It's Emry's bad habit. She changes clothes and shoes at least 170 times a day. This is the pile she accumulated over the course of the day yesterday. I saw her changing a little bit later and SHE was fishing through the pile to find something to put on and most all of the clothes ended up on the floor. So, like any mom, I said "Emry, you will pick up every single one of those clothes and put them all back where they go!" She says to me through ear piercing screams "It's your fault that I have to pick them up! It's all your fault!! This is going to take for longer!n(her way of saying this is going to take a long time to clean up) " Me: "How in the world is it MY fault, little lady?" Her SCREAMING AND CRYING: "BECAUSE IF YOU WOULD HANG THEM UP, THEY WOULDN'T BE ON THE FLOOR!!" I love my job as a maid...especially on days like that! I had a really good laugh.

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The Hill Family said...

too funny! Alexa did the same thing last night - emptied out her entire pajama drawer looking for a particular pair of pants! I said the same thing - those all need to be folded and put back - and of course I heard how "unfair" her life was...the sad part was that when she finally DID fold and put away the clothes, the drawer was more organized than when I do it!!