Sunday, June 21, 2009


Well, Last night we spent the final night in our first home we bought. We came into this house with 2 children and are leaving with 4 and one on they way. My mom asked me if it was a bitter-sweet feeling and my reply was "nope, just sweet!" We have so many, many memories here but it doesn't compare to ones that will be made elsewhere!! So, our internet and phone will be out until it's hooked up again and we won't be posting as much, but our cell is with us, so feel free to check in with us on that number!!
Oh....HAPPY FATHER'S day to the LOVE of my life, and the best father to 4 amazing kids ever! We love you Adam, with all of our hearts, and are so thankful and proud for all you do! You lead this family, you trust in the Lord, and you are an amazing role model for this Family and for others! You are such a blessing! Thank you!
And to my DAD- who I love with all my heart. I wish I could be there with you too, on this day, to hug you and thank you for all you do!! I am also so proud of you!!!

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