Friday, June 19, 2009

poopin turtle

Yesterday, we had lots of moving to do. Adam was getting some of our things that were in the backyard when he came across a little baby box turtle. The kids were asleep in the car and I was in there waiting on him to load stuff up so we could take it to the storage building. He wanted them to see it, so I held it for a while, until he started to get comfortable and started poking his head out and his feet out. I told him he had to hold it and drive. We got about 3 miles down the road and heard SPLAT!!!! The turtle had done his business while being suspended in MID AIR! Thankfully, it landed on paper instead of my car floor. We pulled over, let the poopin' turtle go and skipped out on sharing with the kids. Why don't I ever have my camera for these situations????? It really was pretty funny! Guess ya had to be there. BTW: this picture is from the web. Not the actual turtle

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