Wednesday, July 22, 2009


My mood is sitting on this swing, constantly going back and forth. I know my husband would fully agree with that statement and my kids probably would too. They look at me, at times, like 'who is that crazy lady, who has taken over our mom's body, and is living in our house!?' I know I am going nuts, but I can't stop!! I guess it's the whole pregnancy thing, but you'd think I'd have it down, the 5th time around!! I don't have it down at all. Infact, I don't have it together one single bit and that isn't easy for me. I am the mom who has it ALL together and has her kids all in line and has an endless supply of engery. Well, to be quite honest, the energy tank is just about EMPTY!!! So while this entry is a little funny sounding, in all seriousness, PRAY FOR ME!!!

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Beth said...

Saying an extra prayer for you!!! It is a hectic time for you I am sure! Hugs to you!!!!