Wednesday, August 12, 2009

what a good lookin' family!

Again, I took a picture of the picture! But man, what a GOOD lookin' family we have!!! I love these people so much!!!!

oh and a funny story- Today I had to go pay the storage building fee for the month and kyn asked if she could go in and do it. I said yes, and didn't give it much thought after that. I handed her the debit card (NOT A PIN NUMBER) and told her if she couldn't remember the building number to come back out and I would remind her. She came out with the reciept in hand and was so proud of herself for taking care of that. She said they people (husband and wife) were really nice and that was about it. So we finished running all our errunds and then came home for the day. Through conversations we had, we got back on the storage building and she said "mom, that man handed me the first receipt and asked for a signature and I said DO you want mine or an adults signature?" I was CRACKING UP!!!! My 6 year old signed her daddy's name on the debit card reciept! Starting out young, right?


Beth said...

That's too funny! LOVE the sure do have a beautiful crew!!!!

Sarah said...

Thats a GREAT pic of the whole fam!!