Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It was a GORGEOUS morning and we were up and around town early enough to ENJOY it! It was in the 40's when we first got up and when we got in the car to take K to school, the kids nearly fell out of their seats. THEY THOUGHT IT SNOWED LAST NIGHT!!!!! the ground was glistening and they were ready to make "snow angels". Needless to say, we dressed for the weather and broke out the 'fall/winter' clothes. This outfit Payton has on was from some bargain shopping done at the end of last winter and she looked sooooo cute, I just had to take a picture!
We had little "check-up's" today and Emry weighs 37 pounds and is 40 inches tall. Eli weighs 29 pounds and is 37 inches tall. Payton weighs 26 pounds and is 30 inches tall! Kyn was at school, so we don't have her stats! They are all growing like crazy!! I just can't believe how big they really are getting!

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