Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our Race Car Driver

Gran Jan took the three oldest kids to Joplin for the weekend to visit family there. The two older girls have been quite a bit in the past, but it was Eli's first time to go this time. He had a blast and from what I hear, he didn't want to come home. THe cousins up there take such good care of the kids and play with them til their hearts content. My girls are in heaven when they go because they get to play "hair, make-up and spa!" Every girls dream, right? There are two little cousins too who are around Eli's age, so he's also in heaven with all the BOY TOYS!!! They all came home with a tub FULL of dress up clothes, but the coolest part, is there were plenty for him. This is his FAVORITE!!!

In the meantime, I forgot how easy having only one child is! I slept, got lots of things taken care of around the house and sat around! What a nice little break! (but I must admit, I sure missed my babies!!)

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