Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Goodbye Thanksgiving and hello Christmas time! We have decorated and we still have a little more to do and it's so much fun! Adam's mom has done most of it for me this year and I couldn't be more blessed. I wish you could all see it in person! She's so creative and it looks so wonderful!! The kids love it!! The arrangement above the windows is my very favorite--it's our family out of gingerbread men and women!!! the mom and dad are in the middle and the kids are on the side windows! She brought the big bow over for my tree topper tonight and is putting more things together for my fireplace. The kids decorated the tree mostly and are begining to "undecorate" it little by little ;-) But it still looks so nice. This is the first time that they have been involved in the tree decorating and actually wanted to! Anyway, here are a few pics and more to come!
In the meantime, I had my ob appt. today and we are on the down slope. I go on the
15th again and then we start checking for dialation! I can't believe it......

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