Sunday, December 13, 2009


THIS IS OUR POPS in the Aggie sweatshirt, and his parter! They were the big winners of the fishing tourney yesterday and we couldn't be more excited and proud!! There were even the fisherman you see on t.v who entered in this event and our most favorite Pops came out on top! What a blessing!!! here's the pics and interview below! WE LOVE YOU POPS!!!!

You read it right 29.29 pounds is what it took to win the Texas Super Team Tournament this weekend. The team of Ronnie Bland and Johnny Franks went out this morning and decided to have a little trouble with their trolling motor just to give the fellow competitors a head start, but after thinking it through, they put their heads down and went to work and when they got finished they had a dream day catching their five fish limit of 29.29 pounds. The team took home $10,000.00 for their efforts. Nice job guys. (courtesty of

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