Tuesday, February 9, 2010

warning: OVERLOAD!

This is a picture overload!!!! This past friday, the girls who are trainers at the football field spent most of the day with us! I LOVE THESE GIRLS and my kids think they are AMAZING! I was so glad they came over to sit, talk, play with the kids and do nothing with me all at the same time. They are so fun. I have needed company! Don't get me wrong, I am doing GREAT ....but You see, the newness of having a baby has worn off for everyone, EXCEPT ME! The first few weeks we weren't able to enjoy our baby because of all the testing for the metabolic disorder, and as of friday, I looked down in my lap and said "OH MY GOSH, WE HAVE A BABY" It's real. He's going to be okay, and He's here to stay--we have been blessed 5 children! At that moment, after I got off the phone with the doctor and got the mostly good news, is the moment I felt like we just got home from the hospital. And when things feel that new, you just want to be surrounded by loved ones. Since my mom has been gone for almost 2 weeks (gosh hard to believe I will have a one month old this week)and my husband is back to work and I am back into my groove of being soccer mom, it was so nice to have those girls here with me! So Catie and Christina--thank you so much for coming at 8:25am and not leaving until 6:00pm--you have no idea how much I enjoyed you both (I always do) And thank you for taking pictures of my kiddos because I sure haven't done enough of that lately either. (all pictures in this post are courtesy of the girls)
But like I said, while it all feels new, I couldn't be doing better. I bounced back fast in every way! Would you believe I took all 5 of them to walmart, all by myself this weekend?? I did! And they were FANTASTIC! It was one of our most enjoyable wally world trips ever!! We got to stay and look around for about 1.5 hours. We shopped for valentines and I got my chocolate fix by GLARING at all the valentine candy!
We are still waiting on the uric acids to come back and we will go from there-depending on what those results are. We will keep you posted. For now.. I hope you enjoy the pictures. :)

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