Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the way our princess gets around!

So there are two ways our little pumpkin gets around these days, but NOT FOR LONG! tomorrow---off comes the cast and out comes the rods! YAY! we've had a very eventful few weeks to say the least. The weather has been amazing and was so wonderful on spring break. We took a trip down to Little Rock for heart appts for Emry, at children's and made a mini vacay out of it. We went to the zoo, ate our hearts out and went to the Children's museum. The first stop was the zoo and just as any time in our life, it was nothing short of ACTION PACKED!! payton rode in the little wagon--since she can't keep up with the rest of the clan due to her "goofy leg"--however, with all the moving around she did in the wagon, her cast slid down, her rod was busted through her incison hole, and her finger was in that hole. My first thought was she would have an infection in her bone because the wound was exposed, so I did what I knew to do--call the doc. The only prob was he was 2.5 hours away so I was instructed to go to the ER. Never fails that we have to make a hospital visit all to OFTEN! ha!! So we were at the Children's hospital two days in a row! FUN FUN! (seriously, we love that place) The day after the ER visit was the heart visit for Emry. The kids all get to play on all the fun toys and color and all kinds of stuff, so we enjoy taking all of them. This time though, em had to have an ECHO done and it's been almost 2.5 years since her last one. The little ones got a little restless, so adam took them around the hospital. -let me steer away from this story for a sec. One of my goals this hospital trip was to see the Duggars here. If you watch their show (which I LOVE), 19 kids and counting, or know anything of them, you would know that their baby was born early and has been at ACH. They were still there while we were going to be there. I didn't have the opportunity to meet here when she was in town, so I didn't want to pass up another opportunity.--ok, now back to my story. While I was in the appt. with Emry and Adam was strolling around with the other ones, who do you think he had a "moment" with at the elevator.?!??!! MICHELLE DUGGAR!! I was totally jealous. I am not a 'stalker' or anything or even obsessed, I just love the way their family operates! I love the foundations of their family, and love some of the ideas she has and resources she has used, so I thought it would be cool to actually say "hi." Adam didn't do that--He was "STAR STRUCK!!!" He said she was absoultely beautiful and a spirit of peace, love and gentleness just flowed off of her.
So our time there came to a close, Emry's checkup was good, and she was given yet another year to do whatever her heart desires as far as activities. What a wonderful time I had with my precious children and loving husband on that little get-a-way. I am, well, WE are so very blessed!

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