Friday, April 2, 2010


Change can be scary for a lot of people. Fortunatly, for my familiy it isn't scary and it isn't hard for them. My kids adapt easily to change. In fact, they do better than me a lot of times. Change is so needed for us to grow as human beings. That's just what's going down in our home. We are changing how we do things around here. We have been in so much prayer about this for so long and then the answer came- A BIBLE study that adam and I needed called REVOLUTIONARY PARENTING by George Barna. This Bible study is awesome and makes such wonderful points and really makes you pause and reflect on what you want your children to become, what God intends for your children to become, and what you are doing to get them there. How society thinks that the more your children are involved in, the more successful they are. A good example is : I thought kynnedy should be in gymnastics and tumbling. I was getting so frustrated b/c she didn't want to do it. I mean really, what little girl doesn't do gymnastics, right? It makes you grow to be the dancer on the schools dance team or cheerleader and I had in my head that equaled success....but what I found out is wasn't necessarily pleasing to God. *NOW LET ME JUST SAY NOW, IT DOESN'T MEAN YOUR KIDS CAN'T BE INVOLVED IN THOSE THINGS* they can and they should. For me, it meant:
1. My children didn't have to be invovled in everything just because the world thinks it makes them better and defines success.
2. it meant finding the gifts God gave them and the things THEY WERE interested in and offering it to Him so He could use them.
These 5 little blessings are the "neighbors" God has entrusted to us in a unique way--they are our primary mission field and my GOAL is to shape their minds and hearts so that they are constantly being pleasing to the Lord. And we are now going to let the Bible's principals define who we are. My chidren's faith is my top priority.
George Barna made 2 good points I will share: you can tell what's most important to you by
1. reflect back on what you spend your time at home doing--
2.look at your calendar--it's usually related to what you think is important.
I WILL SAY NOW-that hit home! I was spending more time on the phone, computer and infront of the TV rather than taking the time to grow my children into SPIRITUAL CHAMPIONS!
So what's changed around here you ask?
We have new PENDERGRASS HOUSE GUIDELINES which we will LIVE by.
NEW RULES we will follow and CHARACTER QUALITIES we will study and live out.We have charts up in our home of these things so we can all see them through out the day. We are making this a more positive, faithful, and peaceful home. We had gotten so caught up in the fast pace of everyday life, we were slipping on the most important job we have-our children. They were suffering. I want to hear on Judgement day, when I stand before the Lord, these words "Well, done good and faithful servant, Well done!" So I am doing what it takes. Our plan isn't fail proof and it's certainly not perfect. In fact, it's not even all clear yet. But it's geard for us! We will use those moments of downfall as teachable moments. This is just ONE of the things changing for this family right now and we just wanted to share. We are excited!!!

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