Friday, April 2, 2010

fun & games

This crew loves going to visit one another at their schools--EMRY is ALWAYS especially excited to go to Kyn's school. It makes her feel like her big sister and next year she will get to be with her sister at school everyday! Kynnedy's little friends love it when we all come too! I can't imagine why *wink*. Nah, I know why--cause everywhere this little clan goes, we seem to stir up lots of laughs in the ones around us! Something exciting is happening wherever we are!!
Kynnedy's class had an easter egg hunt earlier that day, then a free fun day that afternoon. Tug-of-war, 4 corners, the cha cha slide, face painting, popsicles and drinks were just a few of the stops we made at the fun day! The weather was PERFECT and the kids were all full of so much joy. It made me stop and think just how awesome our God is and really soak in everything He created. I was reminded just how precious little ones are to our God and reminded of His UNCONDITIONAL love.

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