Monday, April 25, 2011

Feels good to be back!

I took a HUGE long break and actually, I am sorry I did. It wasn't intentional, but with all I had going on, it was one of the things that got put on my back burner. However, in taking my break, I learned that my blogging was crucial not only for me, but so many others who find joy in the happenings of our "super real" life. It's a fun and crazy life over here in my little neck of the woods, but it's the life God blessed us with and we are more than thankful--we outght to share what HE's doing in and through us! This is only one outlet where I can share and I am going to take advantage!
There has been so many ups and downs over the course of the last few months, it's unreal, but truth be told, we are in the best place we've ever been as a family, individually and in our marriage. GOD is moving and HE's NOT FINISHED WITH US YET!
We never really announced that we were pregnant with out 6th baby because it went so wrong, so fast, but we were. We lost a little piece of us over spring break this year, and once again, the Lord was working through the whole situation. We weren't planning it (though we never plan, really) but I was filling out some paper work with tons of questions and "are you pregnant?" was one of them. I thought to myself, well....I guess it's a possibility. So before I answered that, I took an HPT. And the rest is history. God met our emotional needs through the whole thing and we were fine and it was just a brief time of hormonal ups and downs to "work through". We knew from the get go that none of our children are really ours, they are just on loan to us from God, and He can take any one of them when He so chooses. We are promised to see them again together in HEAVEN, for ETERNITY and that's something to Praise HIM for! This all happened, like I said, over spring break, which is also when we do Em's heart appt. each year down at the children't hospital. PRAISE GOD it was the FASTEST visit we've ever had and she is doing AMAZING! Yes, her heart still needs repairs in the coming years, at least that's what the tests show, but we are praying for miraculous healing so a second open heart surgery can be avoided. However, if that should not happen, we know the Lord works amazing wonders through the hands of doctors and that will be fine too.
Now....the paper work I was filling out when all this was going on was my paper work FOR BRAZIL! Yes, BRAZIL! On a ^^!$$!0# trip!!! for 2 weeks! Well what about my husband and 5 sweeties...ALl I can say is my love is amazing and he's going to be mommy for 2 weeks (with a little help from my mom, too) So please be in prayer for me and many others who are going on this life changing journey and if you feel called to donate to that cause, please contact me!
Big things are happening here and I am so glad to be a part of them! That's all for now on my "re-re-re-entrance" to the blog world. stay tuned.. oh and here's a few pictures of our growing treasures!

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chelsealizagent said...

I'm so glad your back to blogging!!!I have missed reading what you guys are up to! I'll definitely be praying for your Brazil trip!