Sunday, May 29, 2011

Worst party EVER!

(Pictures from party are above. Haven't mastered blogging by my phone)
Yesterday's party absolutely classifies as "THE WORST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER!!!" Em wanted a bowling party and because we didn't have a party for Payton this year and their b-days being so close together, we combined them. You're thinking double fun, huh? WRONG!!! try double drama! Before the big birthday girl had a chance to send the ball down the fast lane, she struck herself out. How?? Only by sticking her precious hand down the ball return. We didn't realize what happened at first and when we finally did, shock had already set in all us adults for a second. Adrenaline took over (because everything I learned in nursing school goes out of my brain in emergent situations amongst my children) and everyone but ME got Em cared for. Thank GOD, my amazing friend Mel, who happens to be a nurse, was quick on her feet! another best friend got in her car and went to get meds and ointments and our PRECIOUS AND DEAR Mrs. Lisa was there to keep Abram. I never worry about any of my children when she's with them, but especially Abram. He attaches to her and it blesses me!
Princess em screamed for the first hour of her party while I sang 'it's my party and I'll cry if I want to' to her. She finally bowled a few times, opened gifts with payton, ate cake, so by now I am trying to wrap it up. The sweet attentive people at the bowling alley felt terrible about all that had happened, so they graciously added time back that we lost over almost losing em's fingers. I felt a warm sensation all through my body followed by a cold sweat, when it dawned on my I was about to have a panic attack....MORE TIME HERE??? NO!!!!!!!!! I wanted this party to end. That's enough drama for one day, or so I thought. Eli had other unintentional plans. We were packing up, saying thank you's and goodbye's when out of no where Eli comes crying with his hand over his eye. We scanned the area to see what happened and noticed a single chair in the floor, feet away from where it should be. Again, saved by Mel (yes my amazing friend who happens to be a nurse) and her awesome husband who happens to be a doctor. They concluded em and Eli were just fine. And Dr. A's thought was this "well, bet she (em) won't ever stick her hand in there again." and his thought for eli was "he's training a little early for wrestling" Thank you to my friends
who took care of my other 4 children and took control over the party too! What a day! Emry's final thought...."I never want my party here
again....EVER!!" my thought "welcome to an hour of my life.....never dull!" Thank you God for memories!

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