Friday, April 20, 2007


what beautiful smiles these precious children have.!!! They are all three so full of life and energy. Kynnedy told me today--"mommy, you are my very best friend! You are LEAST, but not LAST."

Okay.. so some of you have been wondering where my old blog site went, and to answer your question, it's gone. But.....the good news is, here is the new one. I am in the process of getting this one set up again, but I wanted to pass along some pictures! Here are just a few recent ones. I will have more up soon, because this weekend is a very exciting weekend for my family. My best friend Kelley is coming to visit!! She will be here tomorrow morning and my kiddos are so excited. And for that matter I am so excited too. We will be taking TONS of pictures. Hope you enjoy and can't wait to share more!

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sandy said...

Hi Rachal-
Glad you're "blogging" again--enjoy your visit with Kelly. Sandy