Saturday, April 28, 2007

Wonderful TIMES

MY friend Kelley came this week as you all know, and it was so wonderful to see her! I didn't think she was going to get to come, becuse getting her here was a little bit dramatic. Her flight got cancelled about 30 minutes before it was supposed to leave that morning. So she did a little ...okay well a lot.....of work and the airline lady did a lot of work and got here here late saturday night after a long stay in memphis tenn. BUT SHE MADE IT!! (Thank you CHRIS) Of course we shopped a little and played with the kids A LOT and had some "girl time." It was fabulous. Kynnedy had a HUGE melt down when it was time for her to leave, so of course mommy had to make it all better. The next day we went riding PONIES

The Girls had a BLAST riding the ponies and wanted to take them home with us. Kynnedy asks everyday if we can go back. The problem is, they were in a parking lot at a store, so they won't be there again for a while...I am sure.

Middle bit here LOVES taking and having her picture taken, so I just wanted to post it! (above) add to the weekend, the pendergrass family decided to takle going OUT to eat. As many of you can relate, it was like a traveling CIRCUS!! We had one playing with her food, and one sitting on top of the booth ledge! What an interesting and CREATIVE supper! and then we have our little man, who is so good natured and just really goes with the flow!!
MAN -- What a HARD LIFE???

ENJOY- As we enjoy sharing with you!

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