Saturday, May 5, 2007

80's BASH!

We sure did have a blast tonight at our friends suprise 30th Birthday Party! It was an 80's bash and seeing everyone dressed up 80's style was AWESOME! Adam isn't in any of the pictures because at the last minute he decided not to participate in the dress up part (party pooper), But he had a great time anyway!!!
To the left is my awesome friend Kayla and her husband Daniel! They got the worst dressed, but all in good fun. What do you think? I think they are SMOKIN' HOT!
Some of the girls here showing off their style! I have to say...we all look great!

Eli here partying like it's going out of style!!!

Kynnedy and here sweet smile!

Emmy here and her friend Parker.. they were both takintg a break inside of a HUGE box. And when they came out, we found it was a much needed break.......

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The Hill Family said...

looks like fun! I love checking your blog - keep the updates coming!'ve been tagged! Check my blog for details!