Friday, June 22, 2007


Well, I can't tell you how much fun we have hand in the last few weeks going to VBS'S!!! We went to my mother's church's in Texas and then turned around and the next week had ours here in Arkansas. We had 70 adult volunteers and 270 kids. WOW!!! I have decided that the kids have been having so much fun, so they are going to all the are church's VBS. This year, at ours, I was a park guide for 6th graders. I have totally forgotten what it's like, until this week to be a 6th grader. ( I know some of you who know me are thinking, "Rachal.. you are so silly, it wasn't that long ago for you!! lol) But to me it was!! To them, I hope that I (through our Lord) made even the smallest impact. They are tons of fun, but yet so hard to pull out of their shell. Kynnedy and Emry on the other hand were just so touched by it all. It's so neat to watch them learn. Tonight for instance, I was telling Adam that we needed to figure out a way to be able to know when a storm is coming even when our satellite goes out ( you all know how terrified I am of bad weather--especuially tornados-- and there was one here yesterday) and Kynnedy said and I quote- Mom, you don't need a TV, you just need to pray and ask Jesus to stop the storm." Well, that showed me that I have a little girl who is learning so much. This week at Bible school it was "take the plunge" and she learned that even the Winds and the Rains Obeyed GOD! Isn't that Awesome!!!!!!!!?????? I sure think so! We can all learn more than we ever though we would in a Vacation Bible School. To me, this week, that's exactly what it was and what it needs to be. A vacation from everything else, EXCEPT THE BIBLE! Well I have So many pics to post, So here they go!

Emry got her little ears pierced this week and DIDN'T even cry. (that's not really a shock...she's pretty TOUGH)

The GRANDBABIES--All 7 of them!

Kynnedy and Emry with J.P.


Me and my friend LAUREN

boy, you can't tell she ever has her pic taken (;p)

The three men!

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