Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Always Something

I could have told you this day would be anything but easy as soon as it started. Well, before it even started for that matter. Emry has had fever for a few days now (though not horribly high) but nevertheless, she's got the whiney side effect that goes with it. So, needless to say my night wasn't awesome, which made my morning even less awesome and more rushed!!! So we get up late and thank goodness I only had to get Kynnedy dressed (Em stayed home) and I just threw on some of Adam's shorts and a shirt and dropped her off at school at 8:00 on the dot! Payton had her 4 month check-up today at 9:15 (btw--she weighs a whopping 16 pounds) which meant I had one hour exactly to take my shower and get my kiddos dressed. Adam took off to help me (thanks so much babe) and I couldn't have done it without him. Anyway--back to the day- I Have this ritual I guess you could say. EVERY TIME I get out of the car, I get the kids out and then lock the car and put the keys on the top of it. This is mainly so I know right where they and to keep the kids out of the car. If I kept them on the cabinet, they would climb and get the keys and open the car, then grab the garage door opener and you know the rest....the sound of the garage opening and closing never ends!!!!! So back to where Adam comes into play. I was in such a rush I forgot the keys on the top of the car and he so helpfully (if that's even a word) loaded all the kids while I got last minute things together and all I had to do was hop in and go.....and off we went. That's right, I noticed later as Jan (Adam's mom) and I were going shopping that my keys were gone!!!!!!!!!!! I went to start the car and the keys were NO WHERE to be found. Adam came home from work and brought me his car keys and I traced the path to the Doctor ever so carefully and I had NO LUCK!With NO house, no car keys, no time I thought, Lord, what in the world are you trying to TEACH ME???????? Patience, I thought. No that can't be it, for goodness sakes I have 4 kids, Don't I have all the patience I need?? and then I thought of a few more things that He might be trying to teach me and then He told me. "Just Be still and TRUST ME Progress is being made!" and so the title of this blog fits right in. God is always up to something!

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