Monday, September 8, 2008

Friends Forever

Emry and Elijah are two peas in a pod. As much as they fight and compete against one another, they are best friends at heart. In fact, I must say that I am so blessed because my children play EXTREMELY well with on another. They take up for on another and look out for each other all the time. As a mother, I am so happy as I can see into the future and just imagine them so close, all of them and their families, even when we are gone. I just sit and ponder on how important family is. The love, support, encouragment and bond a family shares is not to be taken for granted! Thank God for your family and your friends. I know I have the most amazing friends anyone could ask for. And the neat thing about that is, my friends are the FAMILY I get to choose for myself.


Sarah said...

OOOooo, I like that border much better! Good job!!

Casey said...

Just Call Me! I am off on Fri-Mon. Yes, thank God for family and friends!