Friday, September 26, 2008


We DID IT! Go POINTERS!! 21-13 was the score against Little Rock Central. It was such a good game! The crowd was in it, the players were in it and all together it paid off! We have a daddy who is on cloud 9 this weekend and it was much deserved and was a much needed win! Now let's soak in the win for the weekend and get hard to work on Monday again for another win next friday! Kynnedy has been so sick all week long and really fighting it off, but since wednesday it's gotten the better of her. She's tried so hard to feel good and you can just tell she flat out doesn't, but she was bound and determined to cheer her daddy and the rest of the pointers on tonight! She misses him so much and it's really hard for all of them to understand why they have to go to bed several nights in a row without seeing dad. (While it's so exciting, thank goodness for our children's sake it's only 10 weeks long) But tonight she got a special treat---she got to stay with him and come home with him after the game! (she's still not home and it's 11:00!!! I was home before 10.) Anyway, some kind of a "virus" has been rotating through our home for about 3 weeks now. Fever, vomit, ect. So keep us in your prayers please..... I am ready for this sickness to leave! I want my children back to feeling great!

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