Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fall Festival!!!

Ok first of all I have to say sorry for the dirty (pee) diaper in the picture with Payton, but you mothers understand! I made Emry and Paytons tutu and I am soooooo SUPER proud of them! You like? Eli, Em, and Kyn went to the fall festival tonight and I am home to clean the mess. And for those who read the "no picture" entry... yes I lost the battle and am using that funky camera on the video camera to take these pics!


Carey said...

Cute!!! I need one of those big bows!!!

Claysey said...

hey guys! grammy gave me your website. the costumes are too cute! everyone is getting sooo big! emry's hair is really, really cute. well hope all is going great for y'all! love, claysey