Wednesday, October 29, 2008

No Picture

See No picture with this post, funny huh? NOT SO MUCH! I am so angrified, mad, sad, irate, and nuts right now because my camera is done. Bit the dust. just a plain piece of junk! It crashed and will never work again. IT couldn't come at a worse time!!! We are going to fall festivals and halloween and all that and I have NO CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adam says "just use that Brand new mini dv video camera that you just had to have." I say NO! I don't want to use that. he says "even though it takes still pictures!" I still say NO! It's just not the same. I may be acting like a baby, but I don't care right now and no ONE can convince me otherwise! I WANT MY CAMERA BACK! The crazy thing is, that you can turn it to play and see all the pics and video's that are all on the memory stick, but when you turn it to the camera setting, it WILL NOT DO ANYTHING! SOME ONE JUST MAKE ME FEEL BETTER!

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Sarah said...

Do you need to borrow one?