Tuesday, November 18, 2008

as luck would have it

I consider myself to be a blessed, but lucky person. Good luck or bad luk, yet to be known, but blessed to say the least. Blessed and tested. Tested by God. As my luck would have it, I got up this morning to get the kids tod school and was bringing the garbage out. I looked at the car as I was opening the garage and thought to myself, "hmmm, that looks a little odd, surely I don't have a flat. I just got the flat tire fixed last week. One week ago today to be exact, and I got all new tires at that. That can't be what it is." Well, that's exactly what it was. Still feeling blessed, a tad unlucky and tested by God, I called adam and his mom to come save me. She got the kids to school, he brought the car in and I am sitting here asking "Lord, what are you teaching me today?" I am listening. I have my ears and my heart open. Maybe I won't get the answer today, but nevertheless, I am waiting to hear God speak, and I am still trusting in Him for everything, every need. Still feeling more blessed than ever! Amen, right? Good times, bad times, hard times, sad times, ALL THE TIME He is with us. Never leaving us, that's all the more reason to feel BLESSED!

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