Sunday, November 16, 2008


So I have been using Kynnedy's camera that she got for her birthday to keep up with picture taking. Between her and I, that camera is definatly getting put to good use. She loves taking pictures of ANYONE AND ANYTHING. As I was uploading some of the pics I took from today (knowing I had only taken about 5) I saw the number said 77 to import. She had taken pictures of people at Target, Old Navy, Lowes, the houses across the street from us, and so much more. Anyway, we went to olive garden and had the best meal ever! WE all left with out one thing going wrong. There were NO BREAKDOWNS and NO CRYING! IT went so awesome! WE took our time, enjoyed one another, Payton sat in her bumbo the whole time, eli stayed in his high chair and the two older girls did fabulous! We went on to Lowes to look at light fixtures and front and back doors! We even made it through wal-mart and still not a single breakdown! What a productive day! Thank you, Lord!

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Sarah said...

Good for you, you needed a nice day! The girls look cute in their matching outfits.